Hot Cinnamon Sunset

What a tremendous semester of Creative Writing it has been. Rounding out the blog posts for this semester is a personal favorite of mine, Hot Cinnamon Sunset. It’s a blend of cloves, cinnamon, black tea, and orange peel that combine to deliver quite a kick!


Cinnamon happens to be a hot topic of mine. It is a tremendous source of flavor to many dishes I consume, but cinnamon is much more to me than that. During the winter months, I meditate on cinnamon as well as the sun as heat sources to provide me with warmth. My passion for the sun is nearly boundless. Cinnamon, too, ignites my passion while it serves as a physical manifestation of what happens when a life form unrelentingly burns with the heat of a thousand suns.  I attempt to be a heat radiating machine, myself, by channeling the power of cinnamon and the sun into the heat of my own body.

I only just started this last year but I believe it has turned me into a calorie-burning machine and sped up my metabolism. Thoughts are quite powerful, it is important to be wary of the ideas you put into your head and the ones you dwell upon, because they end up defining a lot of your life. I choose to dwell upon the sun and upon cinnamon. What do you choose?

It would appear the sun is setting on this semester. I advise you to stay warm through the winter months with the red hot fiery power of cinnamon, or perhaps a simple cup of tea. Ciao for now.




#1: Chai Tea

AKA Spiced tea, this tea(blend) is my favorite for the sheer diversity and powerful flavors. I’m an eclectic person, so anything with intense variety is something that I identify strongly with. There is no greater variety in the tea world, to my knowledge, than the amount of variety in spices available to be put into tea.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the sugarry milky concoctions most fast food chains spew out and call it chai tea. Sure, it has some nice spiciness to it, but I feel they overdo it with those additives. A little sweetened almond or coconut milk is all that is needed to complement the harshness of the spices with a mellow sweetness.


Another great option for chai is adding a couple shots of espresso to it, becoming what’s referred to as a ‘dirty chai’. Now this is something I could get behind! Two of my favorite energy beverages combined into one cup of pure awesomeness.

One thing that is certain is that chai tea needs to be served HOT! A cold chai is like a shark without teeth, it loses all its bite. fieldcricket

I hope you all have enjoyed reading my top 5 list as much as I have creating it! Perhaps I’ve inspired you to reach out and try a few different kinds of tea. Perhaps my list is all off, and you would like to share with me your top 5 tea list! Leave it in a comment down below and I’d love to discuss it with you. Happy holidays!

#2: Herbal teas

Oh boy, where do I even start with this? Herbal teas almost edged out my #1 spot because of the variety it encompasses, but my #1 pick arguably has it beat there. This selection is for all of you caffeine-free tea junkies!

Herbs and spices

Ranging anywhere from hibiscus to cinnamon to lemongrass to poppy and back, herbal teas are a category I could write a whole additional top 5 list about easily.

Specifically, I would like to highlight one type of herbal tea: peppermint. Not only is pepper mint tea quite pepperminty, it is a great alertness booster (along with ginseng) that is not caffeinated. Nothing like writing a paper at midnight with some peppermint tea and a pear at your side to keep you hydrated, awake, and focused.


Peppermint tea is also a great one for the holidays, perfectly encapsulating the aromas of the most joyous season of the year!

In the end, there is certainly an herbal tea out there for each one of you and I encourage you to search and find the one that fits you best, as I have with peppermint.

#3: White Tea

It’s kind of up in the air as to what, exactly, defines white tea. Generally, it’s minimally processed and/or young tea leaves. It’s a perfectly fine, acceptable smooth tea drink but that isn’t what gets it on this list, no.

I’m a big fan of puns. (twenty one) puns. Punny = funny to me. White tea makes this list because of its phonetics! White tea = Whitey!65638

Meet Whitey, my third favorite tea. It’s a great tea by itself but paired with subtle flavors it truly shines. White tea is very smooth and palatable, which is made absolutely delectable once just a bit of flavor is mixed in (I prefer honey!)

My advice is take white tea for a spin, it’s great for any time of the day and is an absolute joy to say!

#4: Chamomile

Who needs warm milk when you’ve got a cup of piping hot chamomile? The first sip reminds you of the glowing orb of unfathomable heat that is currently setting right now.


So you take the time to sip, to enjoy the beverage slowly enough that when the sun is about halfway over the horizon, the tea level is noticeably lower as well. Just keep on sipping the tea, reading the book, capping off the exertions of the day. Keep sipping until your insides are so warm and cozy that trying to stave off the sleepiness seems like a fruitless journey, so one’s only option is to surrender to the sweet serenity that is sleep. What a way to conclude a lovely day! drinking20tea20in20the20sunset20preview

#5: Organic Green Sunburst (+Lemon)

Having just started break, I will not taste this excellent tea (or tea blend, I’m not totally sure) for about another month now. This is a Rutgers Dining Hall classic, and it has saved me from their tar-like coffee.

There are few better ways to wake up in the morning than stepping in the dining hall, getting a plate of fruit with some green sunburst, adding some lemon to the tea and appreciating the finer things in life such as gentle conversation with a stranger. The feeling after stepping out into the sunlight and crisp autumn air caps off the experience by syncing in an alert awareness that carries through til the evening. plant

This may not be the best tea out there and, heck, I’m not even sure if it really is tea! The dispenser next to it says ‘black tea’, this one says ‘organic green sunburst’, but perhaps they just ran out of room. No, no, this tea is on the list for the captivating and enriching experiences I’ve had whilst sipping on it in the mornings/early afternoons in Nielson Dining Hall. (Go Cook/Douglass!)

My Top 5 Teas

This is the beginning of a small project I’m embarking upon to outline 5 of my favorite teas. The classification with which I’ll be using is any kind of heated water + herbs of some kind. This discounts coffee, although in terms of taste that would be pretty high for me. Caffeinated or decaffeinated teas are available for the list. Care to make any predictions?

To start, I will include some honorable mentions:


Ginger tea. A fine tea for when one is feeling under the weather a bit, but the taste is quite overwhelming, which has discounted it from this list.


Mint tea. I enjoy the taste of it & it certainly reminds me of the holidays, but I get enough mint through my toothpaste. Maybe a change in lifestyle will get this tea included. Also I enjoy the phonetics of this. Mint tea. Minty.

Jasmine tea and Oolong tea. I have not yet tried either of these type of tea, but I hear they’re quite excellent; perhaps they will be blog post highlights for the future.

Well, there you have it. Look forward to my top 5 list being released in the upcoming days. I’ll be posting about each of them on my twitter that can be found at: